Simple gradient/outline nails.





They tried repeating it. Saying it out loud.

It didn’t change the circumstance.

They had watched others, and it always happened too fast to know what started it. Researchers had tried using high-speed cameras, but if anything had been caught on the video, they weren’t telling the rest of us.

Three weeks had passed since the first acknowledged case, and the number of individuals contracting it continued to increase. Seemingly harmless at first, a beautiful mistake. They glanced down at their nails, in a moment of absent mind.

Glimmering, stars whirled across the tiny sky of their nails, as their body felt itself pitch forward, without ever moving. Ten tiny windows, skies filled with stars converging, grew rapidly larger, fused, and then collapsed. They were pulled into the black hole formed by their own hands, and time was infinite for that moment.

The videos were never released to the public. The images, as an individual was twisted and pulled through this minuscule portal, were deemed unfit for public consumption.

This is awesome. More nail art-based creative writing, please!

Here’s a good example of my nail art progress. My recent TV nails (top) are a reworking of a design I first came up with about a year ago (bottom). I remember being incredibly proud of how those nails came out— it was one of the most ambitious designs I’d ever tried, and I had to use tape and mess around with it forever to get it to come out. I still think they’re pretty good. But I think the ones I just did are better (and they’re totally freehand, baby!). Makes me wonder what my skill level will be a year from now, if I keep at this.

Nothing on TV: static + test pattern.

Life goes on. I really enjoyed painting this one—all the bright little leaves and flowers.

I was at the drugstore today, browsing the nail polish, when a girl came up and asked if I knew what she should do about her dry cuticles. I ended up talking to her for several minutes, giving her all kinds of suggestions and pointing out products I like. It was just like on here, where people ask me simple questions and I respond with, like, four paragraphs of detailed thoughts on the subject. Goddamnit, my opinions on moisturizers are nuanced.


arb0real asked:

just found and went through your entire blog. Your nail art is insanely beautiful. You mentioned that you will keep your nails for up to seven days. Whenever I attempt intricate designs, all the layers seem to make the paint chip easily and I'm lucky if they last two days. And this is with a top coat too ! Do you have any tips for making your nail art last longer ? PS whoever thinks you have man hands is insane, they are absolutely elegant.


Thank you so much! That’s a good question— while I wouldn’t say seven days is typical wear time for me, it has definitely happened, and I usually get more than two days, even with intricate designs. Some things I do that help: before I paint my nails, I swab them with acetone or rubbing alcohol, to remove any oils or residue that could prevent the polish from adhering. I always use base coat, which I’ve heard is helpful in getting polish to stick to the nail surface. You might try experimenting with different base coats if yours isn’t doing much for you. Rubberized base coats like Orly Bonder and CND Sticky are supposed to be particularly good at extending wear time, although I haven’t used them enough to really testify to that.

Thicker polish, like you mentioned, tends to chip quicker, so I try to keep my layers as thin as possible to achieve opacity. Also, I tend to avoid older polishes that have gotten thicker and gloopier when I’m going to be doing a lot of layers. And I always wrap my tips.

I’m very careful about protecting my nails once they’re painted. Water seems to be particularly bad for manicure longevity, so I use gloves for dish washing and cleaning. One of the most ridiculous and dorky things I have been known to do is wear latex exam gloves while showering. I noticed that I was getting a lot of tip wear and chipping in the shower, particularly when washing my hair, and I swear it’s helped both my nails and my cuticle health. Just make sure to put a hair tie or rubber band around your wrist to keep the water from running down your arms into the gloves. Hope that helps.


Anonymous asked:

when is your wedding? :)


I have no idea! I keep thinking we should get around to planning it, but tbh it sounds like a huge pain in the ass. We were together for ten years before we got engaged, so we’re not exactly in a hurry to get anywhere.

Messy little blossoms and sparkly pinks.